work on paper

collage / watercolour /  ink

10x18 to 120x80cm / 2015 to 2017

STUNDENBLUMEN (2015 - to be continued)

18x16 to 20x30cm

I choose material that is available at the moment I feel the need to do a new exemplar. It's a dedication to that very moment in which I'm just there for what I do, concentrating on painting ever and ever the same form. The form follows the most simple way to paint a flower with overlapping petals. It's size is limited by almost one edge of the paper. The action of painting the flower lasts until the format of the paper is filled. By using different kinds of colours and tecnique, each flower carries the mood of the time period  in which I painted it. The title "Stundenblumen" is a reference to the book "Momo" by the german writer Michael Ende, where "Stundenblumen" are a metaphor for the preciousness of individual life time. They are born in the heart of every human being and within an hour they die to be followed by a new flower. From the center point, where I start to paint with small petals, to its edges the flower becomes slowly bigger in circles. When I paint the outer petals, the center is the oldest part. It can be seen as the point of the flower's birth and death at the same time.