work on paper

collage / watercolour /  ink / other material / on cyanotype / on paper

10x18 to 120x80cm / 2015 to 2017

STUNDENBLUMEN (2015 - to be continued)

18x16 to 20x30cm

I choose the material that is available at the moment I feel the need to do a new exemplar. It's a dedication to that very moment in which I'm just there for what I do, painting ever and ever the same form. The form follows the most simple way to paint a flower blossoming and growing in volume. After choosing a center point, where I start with very small petals, I paint the flower slowly bigger in circles, adding strictly one petal after another. The flower's size finally is limited reaching almost one edge of the paper. By using different kinds of colours and technique, each flower carries the mood in which I painted it. The title "Stundenblumen" is a reference to the book "Momo" by the german writer Michael Ende, where "Stundenblumen" are a metaphor for the preciousness of individual life time. They are born in the heart of every human being and within an hour they die to be followed by a new flower. When painting the outer petals of the flower, its center remains the oldest part and therefore somehow can be seen as the point of the flower's birth and death at the same time. 

CAVES (2017 - to be continued)

50x60 cm, watercolour & indian ink on paper


First, the caves emerge letting the paper soak red indian ink and black watercolour in vertical and horizontal brush strikes. In the beginning, there's a chaotic flow of colours, slowly drying. The contures left on the paper remind  of subterrenean cave walls shaped by dripping water. Looking further, the shapes suggest also other forms, logic and not logic ones. I try to fix them by drawing their contures. 

DIE FARBEN DER NACHT (2017 - to be continued)

each 40x50 cm,

indian ink & tempera on indian ink (black level) / aquarell & pencil on indian ink (red level) / indian ink on dye colour (blue level) / indian ink on dye colour (yellow level)


Four colours (black, red, blue, yellow) are dedicated to differnt levels of human experience including intuition, empathy, memory and belief. On every level - which each has a certain character in style - pictures that function sign-alike stand as symbols for a certain idea. Every picture offers a kind of transformation that may go along with balancing a conflict, fear or trauma. Not by thinking them over, but by trying to make them visible and that way seep into consciousness.  Dreaming – which takes place at night / when we sleep – has a similarity to that. We are confronted with pictures which we often don’t understand at all. But they’ve somehow come to us by strange ways. Our minds use pictures much more effectively than language, which means that our subconsciousness is able to memorize much more than our consciousness can deal with. What is forgotten may not be lost, it may come back again dressed differently.