* 1971, Germany


2022  diploma (Bachelor), Academy of Fine Arts Munich



 I was trained as a photographer but then mainly used photography as a "raw material" to create "paintings" with Photoshop. Objects and other mixed media works soon completed this main body. I wanted each piece to have a narrative point of its own instead of just being minor to a theoretical  concept.

 In recent times I turned to figurative painting on paper and canvas. I love working with material in different ways, let's say in a rather "classy" style. The process of materialization helps me to focus on my true motivations. It keeps me grounded and in touch with my skills

 My work provides many possibilities of interpretation and layers of formal presence. It's charged with symbolics and speaks directly to the viewer, on the other hand it keeps an enigmatic and undefined aspect. Although there is a stylistic proximity to Surrealism, Symbolism, Magical Realism and other examples of painting, I do make my own images using from history whatever suits me thereby. The way each work is done remains a consequence of the concerns while making.

 I prefer a playful and varied approach to doing art, not to be fixed to a certain media, concept or subject. My practise is an adventure where I can meet with hidden aspects of myself and ideas originating from the outside world, the work's progress or elsewhere. By leaving developments open,  I serve a fugitive source of inspiration which endlessly offers images to the mind. It's about listening to the surroundings, about a curiosity towards what is being undetected so far. 

 I observed that the ability within our digitalised modern human community to cope with problems, difficulties or "negative" feelings and experiences ceases. Instead, to stay "secure", we tend to engage or invest less in relationships or pretend that we can control everything fully. Digital accessibility enables us to always keep the distance which we feel is needed to stay "comfty". 

 My work is about exactly the dephts, gaps and difficulties we avoid to confront. A statement that there is no true growth or life without considering its whole dimension.


2022    SPATIAL DIALOGUE, Techne Sphere Halle 9, Leipzig

2021    FIRST KISS, Concepting 33, Munich

2021    FRAGEN AN DIE ECHOKAMMER, 100 Jahre Frauen an der AdBK

              München, Akademie Galerie, Munich

2020    supermercarto, Dia Galerie, Munich

2019    UNFOLD, Café Clara, Munich (solo)

2017    ARBITRIUM, Fusion Art Gallery, Turin

2017    GOODBYE HORSES, Pilotenkueche, Spinnerei Leipzig

2016    WILD HORSES, Galerie Bipolar, Leipzig

2015    PYGMALEON_ONE, A.P.R. Galerie, Munich

2015    22. AICHACHER KUNSTPREIS, Aichach

2015    IM INNEREN DER STADT, Weserburg Museum für moderne Kunst,


2015    WHAT MISSES NAMES, Munikat projekte, Munich
2013    SIMPLE TRUTH, Rathausgalerie I Kunsthalle, Munich
2013    ACSA Show, Autocenter art space, Berlin

2012    presentation of catalogue KRAFT, LANG, HAST & ALTMANN, Nusser &

              Baumgart Contemporary, Munich

2012    WELCOME TO MY WORLD, Galerie für Widerstreit, Munich (solo)

2011    KRAFT, LANG, HAST & ALTMANN (with  Andréas Lang, Martin Hast &

              Yehuda Altmann) curated by Nico Anklam, Galerie der Künstler (BBK),


2011    TAKE A LOOK AT YOURSELF, Galerie sono, Munich (solo)

2010    CRASH, rstr#, Munich (solo)
2007    POESIE DES FUNKTIONALEN, 3rd International Marianne-Brandt

              Competition, Sächsisches Industriemuseum, Chemnitz
2006    SELBSTSICHT - DER SCHRITT INS BILD, Darmstädter Tage der

              Fotografie, Museum Künstlerkolonie, Darmstadt


2007   recognition award of the 3rd International Marianne-Brandt

             Competition, category photography


              private collections

2015    Center of Studies for Art Publications, Weserburg Museum für moderne

              Kunst, Bremen


2020   atelier stipend, city of Munich

2020   Erwin und Gisela von Steiner Stiftung, Munich

2021   "Junge Kunst und neue Wege" work stipend, Bavarian State Ministry of

             Science and the Arts