2013 to 2016

ERSCHÖPFUNG (2016), 2 inkjet- prints on Hahnemühle paper,

15 x 19 cm (picture size), edition 8 + 1

The printouts are some of the last outputs of my inkjet- printer before it refused to print totally. The colour spectrum is already very reduced and the printouts are striped. The title retakes the irony that can be discovered in the work. It refers to the exhaustion of the printer as well as to a german term for God's creation. A broken dream is maybe more exciting than a holy world.



Erschöpfung (1), Erschöpfung (2)

UNFOLD (to be continued),

offset- prints on affiche paper, edition 99 + 1 each

UNFOLD captures banal things and situations found in everyday life that may reveal moments of spiritual insight. By presenting them in the form of a poster edition  those insights can be commonly shared. The captures may function like mind maps that  show a new perspective on things or like poems without words.



Lotus (DIN A0, 2014), Guide (DIN A2, 2014), Genius (DIN A1, 2015)

BIO (2014), 4 silkscreen- prints, limited edition each

Those images are very personal. To me they express main patterns of my life that are characterized by (self)protection and taking care, struggle (from being dependent), (longing for) escape, and the constant establishing, questioning and rethinking of the relationship I have with myself.



Protection (70 x 50 cm), Red Square (70 x 70 cm), Escape (70 x 50 cm), Matrix (The Game) (40 x 50 cm)