2013 to 2016

ERSCHÖPFUNG (2016), 2 inkjet- prints on Hahnemühle paper,

15 x 19 cm (picture size), edition 8 + 1

Those outputs were some of the last before my inkjet- printer dropped down totally. The printouts are striped and extremely reduced in their colour richness. The title refers to the irony that is expressed by the obvious failure which the work exposes. "Erschöpfung" is a german term for "exhaustion" as well as for "(god's) creation". The difference between the two meanings is only marked by the prefix "Er-".

- A broken dream is maybe more exciting than a holy world.



Erschöpfung (1), Erschöpfung (2)

UNFOLD (to be continued),

offset- prints on affiche paper, edition 99 + 1 each

UNFOLD captures banal things and situations found in everyday life that may reveal a certain meaningfulness. Presented in the form of a poster edition the captions are brought back again to being "banal" or "cheap". The posters are folded and therefore show a three dimensionality. They are thought to be a sort of mind maps which show a new perspective on things or like poems without words.The availability of the works suggests that their value can be easily shared (by everyone who is able to recognize a meaningfulness in ordinary sights).



Lotus (DIN A0, 2014), Guide (DIN A2, 2014), Genius (DIN A1, 2015)

BIO (2014), 4 silkscreen- prints, limited edition each

This is a personal work series expressing: (self)protection and care, fear of dependency, the longing to escape from conventions, and the constant establishing, questioning and rethinking the relationship with myself.



Protection (70 x 50 cm), Red Square (70 x 70 cm), Escape (70 x 50 cm), Matrix (The Game) (40 x 50 cm)