other activities

"The Music of Chance" / Dice Music Project (2017)


I started composing music using dices to generate a tune. Therefore I wrote down a certain note for each number that jumped up on the dice. I used diffrent systems to divide the notes of the scale that is playable for Violine into amounts of "6" to influence the variety of possible tones within a tune. To make the music fluent and give to it a clear character I slightly changed some notes. After doing some pieces for Violine solo that way, I recognized that the tunes - or certain parts of it - start to repeat themselves. I worked against that effect using more dices and that way reached the number of 22 possibilities to put a diffrent note.

The aim is to arrange the dice pieces for a string quartett to enable exploring the character of coincidence in a more profound way through music.


3 day workshop at IMPULSEE summer academy 2015, Kloster Gut Schlehdorf

"Das Atelier zwischen Uns"

("The Atelier between us")


Work and temporary room installation in an old stable building together with participants. Most materials were collected around the farmhouse where the workshop took place. When presenting the process itself - the material and work - an archive emerged where everybody could get inspired to create his/her own work and add it to the whole. This way the participants contributed by their own creative act to make a common process transparent.


One week sharing the inner "atelier"  according to Joseph Beuys - each human is present, each human is creative - exploring the possibilities of how the concept of the "social plastic"  could influence and change our daily life and relationships in a sustainable way.